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Dr. Howard W. Fisher

Dr. Howard W. Fisher, B.Sc., B.Ed., D.C.

Dr. Howard Fisher is a natural doctor with degrees in medicine and chiropractic, with special interests in Anti-Aging medicine. This highly sought after lecturer is on a mission to educate and enlighten the world about the toxic factors that exist in our environment and their direct relationship to our health and functional metabolism. His current lecture series that he delivers to both Medical Anti-Aging Conferences and medical schools world-wide, makes both professionals and the public aware of the omnipresent threats present in our immediate environment that effect the rate at which we age and gives insightful plans of remediation. "The goal of anti-aging medicine is to optimize the physiological function of the body. In an effort to help people move from the chronological clock to the physiological clock, we must find a way to diminish the harmful environmental factors. EMR is certainly one of the most significant environmental factors."

Dr. Fisher has special interests in anti-aging, immunology, electromagnetic radiation and nutrition, and this researching author acts as a consultant and educator for several multi-national nutritional companies and has advised several governments on electromagnetic radiation effects. Dr. Fisher lectures internationally on anti-aging medicine,nutrition, wellness, and immunology. He has written scores of articles for trade publications and is a featured guest on many radio and television broadcasts. In addition to authoring sixteen health oriented books, his research has also been published in peer-reviewed journals. His books and lectures have been translated into eight languages and are sold in North America, Europe and Asia. On November 8-9, 2009 he was the co-chairman and a faculty member, lecturing at the Dubai Congress on Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Medicine. His lecture on Cell Phone Usage attracted a lot of media attention, including a front page story in the largest read English newspaper, 7 Days, and was picked up by the Arabic wire service.

Being widely recognized for his ability to easily assimilate what many view as daunting scientific and clinical information, Dr. Fisher transforms essential knowledge that would otherwise remain inaccessible to the public into readily available life-altering information.  The foundation of his philosophy rests upon understanding and exposing the true nutritional and environmental deficiencies that exist in our everyday lives, and scouring the planet for the most efficient solutions to not only solving these threatening health issues, but improving the well-being and overall quality of life for everyone.  His common sense approach to explaining the impact of our environmental factors to the health of the world makes it easy for his audience to make informed choices towards bettering their lives.     
In addition to his clinical practice, writing and lecturing, Dr. Fisher is still an avid athlete who runs, plays hockey, and can be found on the golf course most mornings when the weather is above freezing. A dynamic and colourful personality, Dr. Fisher resides in Toronto, Ontario with his wife and two children.

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