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The Invisible Theat:  The Risk Associated With EMFs

The Invisible Threat: The Risks Associated With EMFs 
(Paperback) Our Price: $20.00 each

- Domestic (includes $5 p&h)

- Canada (includes $10 p&h)

- International (includes $15 p&h)


by Dr. Howard W. Fisher.(2007 revised edition, 148 pages, softcover) - The Invisible Threat: The Risks Associated With EMFs,  exposes the daily risks we face from electromagnetic fields and offers viable solutions to decrease the risk of disease.  Dr. Fisher has conducted a thorough review of the literature pertaining to electromagnetic fields and brings to light the findings of the researchers as they relate to cancer, leukemia, neuro-degenerative disorders and all manner of disease.  More than 200 footnotes demonstrate the validity of the research.


Sitting in the lecture hall of the 15th American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) in Chicago, I was spellbound along with scores of attending M.D.s, as Dr. Howard Fisher mesmerized us with his entertaining, methodical, portrayal of the EMF (electromagnetic field) crisis that affects us all. Most of us believed this to be the case, but after Dr. Fisher presented a plethora of epidemiological studies, we were all convinced.  About fifteen minutes into the lecture, doctors were ripping blue tooths out of their ears and suddenly treating their cell phones and blackberries as if they were on fire.  I urge everyone to listen to what Dr. Fisher has to say, see him if you can and read his book, The Invisible Threat.  As they said on the X-Files, "The Truth Is Out There," and Dr. Fisher is delivering it with a passion second to none.

Dr. Seymour Pisarek, D.C., F.T.I.N.M.

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