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Extreme Toxic Times: How to Escape on Your Own Two Feet (Paperback) Our Price: $10.00 each

- Domestic (includes $5 p&h)

- Canada (includes $10 p&h)

- International (includes $15 p&h)

by Dr. Howard W. Fisher.(2004, 94 pages) - The accumulated effects of today's extremely toxic times are unquestionably the major cause of our weakened immune systems. There isn't a machine or living organism that is capable of functioning indefinitely without some time for cleansing and repair. As the toxicity level of our environment increases, the goal of wellness becomes more difficult to obtain, yet that much more desirable. The concept of wellness is one that must be embraced from all aspects in order to achieve optimal health. The intent of this book is to guide you so that you can assist your body's own natural cleansing and repair cycle.


"Extreme Toxic Times makes you aware of legitimate environmental health concerns that affect everyone while introducing a new approach to non-invasive detoxification."

Dr. Melissa Borovay, B.A., B.Sc., D.C.
Toronto, ON

"A fanatastic and important read for our times. Dr. Fisher perfectly captures the elemental syzygy of the poisons we intake, the toxins we are exposed to and how to rid ourselves of this vicious circle in an easy to understand format that practically anyone can understand. I highly recommend this vital book."

Dr. John Haberstroh, D.C., D.A.B.C.N., D.A.C.A.N., F.A.C.F.E.
Boston, Massachusetts

"Dr. Fisher offers a fresh point of view in an insightful compendium of information on human health and the environmental hazards that affect it. This book provides useful knowledge to anyone desiring to understand how chemicals in the environment affect the body."

Dr. Scott Baker, PhD., Toxicologist
New York, New York

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