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Nature's Silver Bullet: Killing the Fear Factor
(Paperback) Our Price: $14.95 each - Temporarily Unavailable - Out of Stock

by Dr. Howard W. Fisher.(2006, 119 pages, softcover) - For millennia people in both Eastern and Western civilizations have known that silver has an impressive ability to kill pathogenic microbes. The classical Greeks and Romans stored perishable liquids in silver containers; the Chinese used silver preparations to treat wounds. With the development of electrochemistry we have made a number of new silver compounds: ionic silvers, and suspensions of silver in proteins. About ten years ago a most important new advance was made - the production of engineered nano-particulate metallic silver (angstrom silver). This silver has been shown by tests at major universities and world-recognized laboratories to be particularly effective at killing pathogenic bacteria, yeast, and viruses. At the same time, metallic silver appears to be exceptionally benign, with no reported negative side effects.

Every year 2,000,000 hospital patients in the U.S. (1 out of every 20) come down with an infection unrelated to their presenting illness. Approximately 103,000 of them die.

Nature's Silver Bullet (Nano-particulate Silver solution) kills the microorganisms that cause more than 650 diseases.


"This book is outstanding. The best research I have seen in any book of this type! "

Dr. Kenneth Friedman, M.A., (Harvard) Ph.D. (M.I.T)

"There are no potentially pathogenic bacteria tested that this product (ASAP Nano-particulate Silver) has not killed. "

Dr. R. Leavitt, Prof. of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, Bringham Young University

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